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Enquiry sheet

Disc spring enquiry sheet

1. Application

2. Purpose of the springs

set(s) per spring(s) in parallel

3. Purpose of the springs

(minimum and maximum)

Outer diameter (De) mm
Inner diameter (Di) mm
Thickness (t) mm
Reduced thickness (t') mm
Overall height (lo) mm

4. Installation space

(max. De, min. Di, length)

Outer diameter (De) mm
Inner diameter (Di) mm
length (L) mm

5. Loads and deflections

Installation length   Deflection Load Stroke Δs (L1-Ln)
L1 = mm s1 = mm F1 = N,
L2 = mm s2 = mm F2 = L1-L2 = mm
L3 = mm s3 = mm F3 = L1-L3 = mm

6. Type of load

7. Form of load

8. Number of cycles required

9. Working temperature (at the springs)


10. Guide

11. Position of the spring stack

12. Is corrosion protection necessary?

13. Agressive medium?

14. Remarks

15. Estimated annual usage


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